SpuQ Division Tables

How does the SpuQ Times Tables game work?

The SpuQ Times Tables game lets you practice the times tables 1 to 12 one by one. Choose the multiplication table you want to learn and start solving the math problems right away. There are two levels; easy and difficult. At the easy level, the exercises will appear in order. At the difficult level, the exercises are random.

There's no time limit for the exercises, so you can take your time. After every exercise, you're shown if you solved it correctly. If you gave the wrong answers, you get two more chances to get it right. After that, the right answer is filled in for you. Take a good look and try to remember the correct answer for the next time.

This exercise has been designed to practice multiplication tables in schools and at home for free. If you've mastered this exercise, you can practice more. For instance with the timed test or one of the multiplication table games. Those are exercises about different multiplication tables at random or they have a time limit. This way you can learn all multiplication tables step by step.

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